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CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

CBT is an advanced type of therapy that can be very effective in the treatment of depression, stress and all types of anxiety incl social anxiety, health anxiety, phobias, panic and generalised worrying. Before booking 1-1 CBT with us, we recommend a FREE phone chat in confidence.  

This phone screen can save you time and money as there are certain conditions that are better managed elsewhere incl hospital. Once a more detailed appointment with us is agreed, then please book / pay by selecting the 50- or 90 min option from the drop-down menu in Category 1 below. 

"Stress Busters with Mindfulness Meditation" (see Category 2) is a group alternative to 1-1 CBT. Adults of all ages, backgrounds & cultures are most welcome to attend - for information and prevention if not support. Afterwards, follow-up "Stress Cafe" meetups can help maintain/build on success (see Category 3 below). 


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