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Want to feel more confident? Happy? Less down, stressed or worried? You CAN! Contact us today in confidence

A Moodster? Do join our next Stress Cafe Meetup


This course has now closed; please check back to find dates for the next course of Stress Busters.

A booster or reminder session of the strategies

The I CAN Centre: The opposite of "I cant.."

The I Can Centre™ is a psychology, counselling and kindness centre that empowers. We help people understand and manage a range of mood states incl stress, anxiety, worry and low confidence; we do this by drawing on the best evidence from psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), health and education. We also help people develop potential towards the best and finest version of themselves i.e to be and do great!

We recognised that negative thoughts and thinking can underpin negative mood states. We also identified “I can't" as being one of the most limiting of thoughts to hold accidentally. In response, we set up our Centre to offer a range of evidence-based supports that can be accessed online or via phone; and from the privacy and comfort of home. So do get in touch and become someone who says:

  • "I CAN manage anxiety / worry / anger / low mood"; or
  • "I CAN manage/stop rituals and compulsions incl: counting; shopping; cleaning"; or
  • "I CAN be happy / confident / sociable / myself". 

Dare to believe and let "better" begin today.

What We Do

Adult Health

 We offer a range of supports to help adults manage depression, anger, and all types of anxiety incl panic, phobias and worry.

Teen Health

We have a number of exciting interventions to support older teens incl 1-1 CBT & our new "Teen Stress Busters" CBT course.

Feel Great Gifts

We have a fun psychology gift-range  that we hope will inspire, affirm and motivate, while also providing job opportunities.

A Kinder Society

Underpinning everything we do is our goal for "A Kinder Society" - with respect, care & compassion at all levels of society.

Follow up Supports

We have a range of optional follow-up or booster supports that are open to our clients incl DAKtivist and "Stress Cafe" meetups.

Contact us

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