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Staff Training

Managing stress is crucial both for individual and organisational health and well-being.  Where staff feel content, and part a team, absenteeism and sickness will be reduced, productivity and effectiveness will increase, and organisations will thrive. 

At "The I Can Centre", our highly educated and experienced team offer a range of top-quality, bespoke psychology supports in this area, incl

  • level 1 applied training on a range of topics incl stress-management, confidence building, listening, assertiveness and time management
  • level 2 personal development training towards optimal development, well-being and functioning: this training is particularly for staff who need advanced critical skills in mindfulness and emotional intelligence, and/or those in leadership roles who are required to be role models for others incl more junior staff, or members of the public.  ​​​

Want your staff to be the best? Then let us help. Talk to us in confidence!

Cost of Stress

  • The 23rd annual CIPD Health and wellbeing at work report shows the highest sickness absence rate for over a decade. The average rate of employee absence now stands at 7.8 days per employee per year, a considerable increase from data collected before the pandemic (5.8 days per employee).
  • Presenteeism is also highly prevalent where staff are present but not functioning or achieving
  • Work-related stress is especially high in certain key professions incl health, teaching and education
  • All employers have a legal responsibility  to ensure the health safety and welfare at work of their employees. This responsibility includes minimising the risk of stress-related illness or injury to employees.
  • High rates of absenteeism or presenteeism show that organisations are not taking effective action to address problems and risks in an ‘always on’ world.
  • Similarly managers are not always trained in how to manage staff and staff stress. We can help however.

Our Supports

Mood Managers Training

"Mood Managers" is a progressive series of 5 workshops that allow staff to manage how they feel with increasing sophistication. ​ This training is important because  the cost of stress can be high for individuals and businesses in terms of lost productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism (where staff are present but not functioning highly).  Additionally, techniques to manage stress are not routinely taught, and often staff do not know what they can do to manage how they feel, to  stay well, and/or to improve or build confidence. 

Bespoke Courses

Our bespoke training programmes can be tailored to the needs, goals and availability of each group. Our workshops offer: 

  • up-to-date information, with clear hand-outs and slides,
  • on a range of psychology or research topics as agreed in a written spec we will provide based on your instructions and preferences;  
  • diverse training methods to address different learning styles, and in an engaging and thought-provoking style, while creating a supportive, respectful and stimulating learning environment, 
  • experienced and ​highly qualified instructors , chosen for their expertise, enthusiasm, and reliability, 
  • ​follow-up access to the workshop leader for any queries or questions, and rewards, incl continuing professional development (CPD) certificates. 

Research and Development

We also undertake applied research and evaluations on a wide range of topics.   This work can include:  

  • literature or desk-based research, e.g. to get background literature or demographic information 
  • data collection using any of a range of methods (surveys, interviews and / or focus groups)
  • primary or secondary data analyses on interview or survey data;  the latter includes complex statistical modelling of possible predictor variables, and 
  • excellent report writing to time, within budget, and to any of a range of specifications or styles.