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Anxiety and overwhelm

About Us

The I Can Centre™ is a psychology, counselling and kindness centre that empowers. Specifically, we help people  understand and manage a range of mood states such as low mood, anger and all types of anxiety incl:

  • social anxiety and confidence problems
  • phobias  and panic
  • health anxiety
  • OCD and other compulsions, and 
  • worry habits and  tendencies (GAD). 

We also empower people to develop potential towards the best and finest version of ourselves. This training includes interventions on happiness and well-being, incl optimal development or functioning. For instance, having spent almost two decades studying and researching the lives and experiences of older adults, we know there is much transferable learning to younger generations and a range of psychosocial experiences.  

As highly trained psychologists and researchers (and excellent problem solvers with advanced analytical skills), we are also keen to innovate with evidence-based solutions to health, well-being and/or community challenges. So, alongside our own projects, we may be available for academic, health or gerontological research projects and/or evaluations - please talk to us in confidence.  

Lifelong Learning

At our Centre, we are passionate about lifelong learning, and do not believe that people should have to wait until they are in crisis before learning techniques to manage how they feel. Instead, by gaining insights and techniques early, we believe that a lot of angst and distress can be avoided, and that people can quickly regain quality to their lives and relationships.

We got underway as a social development centre  in the summer of 2015 offering 1-1 CBT supports, plus community courses (such as "Stress Busters"). We hoped these supports would help people make progress towards improved health, well-being and development or functioning.  Findings from pre- and post-intervention survey data, alongside client feedback and testimonials, indicate that we are making progress towards these goals, and towards a better and kinder society.  

So, do talk to us about 1-1 support, or about attending any of our CBT community courses - even for information and prevention if not support. Or just call us in confidence office hours to find out more about what we do(and if we happen to be in clinic or running a workshop, just leave a message/email).

Director: Dr Ann O'Hanlon

The person responsible for all our activities is psychologist, therapist, researcher and author Dr Ann O'Hanlon, BA (Hons), MSc, PhD, Dipl Couns, PG Dipl CBT.

  • Ann completed a Masters degree in Health Psychology and a PhD in Developmental Psychology from The University of Southampton; and five years of postdoctoral psychology and research training at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). 
  • At Queens University Belfast, Ann also completed a  Diploma in Person Centred Counselling (with distinction), and a Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive  Behaviour Therapy (with commendation).
  • As a clinician, Ann has worked in a range of public and private healthcare settings incl the NHS. As an educator and trainer, she has taught in higher education for over ten years, and presented her research and insights at over 400 peer-review conferences and scientific meetings around the world. 
  • As an author/co-author, Ann has published many scientific journal papers and books, incl a second edition 2017 academic textbook in psychology (see picture). 
  • Away from the Centre, Ann has many interests. She enjoys music (particularly the piano), photography and digital art. She also enjoys travel and getting outdoors, and was a prolific sports diver for many years with BSAC. More bio info can be seen on LinkedIn.

I would recommend this CBT to others, definitely. ... I found it great. I had learnt one way in life, and had to learn another in therapy. And it is definitely worth it. I am just doing things I didn’t before and life is good. ...  I now know what to do going forward but it is good to know that there are a follow up supports if needed. ... I definitely plan to go forward and actively use the techniques. Thanks Ann. Thanks very much. 

– Paula: depression, anxiety and worry (R409; 6 sessions)

"I have been re-educated about mood and am applying what I have learned to my life.  I am able to cope with stress much better and I find that I am happier in myself.   This course has changed my life.  I know that is a cheesy statement, but it sums up how I feel."

– Stress Busters Attendee

"Very inspiring. A very good presentation.  Im now aware of how our thoughts can condition us.  ..  and it is important to break the cycle."

– Stress Busters Attendee

Respect, Equality And Diversity Commitment

"The I Can Centre" is committed to providing equality of opportunity to all those who enquire about, or  access our services and supports. Within this context, we follow strict ethical guidelines such that all those accessing our services will be  treated with respect, dignity, courtesy and compassion -regardless of background or context incl age, gender, religion or culture. 

Specifically, we value and respect all individuals, their diversity, unique identity and backgrounds. As such, our commitment to respect, equality and diversity includes (but is not exclusive to) religious belief; political opinion incl experiences  / views about abortion; community background; ethnic and national origin; sex and/or sexual orientation; disability and/or age.

What you can expect from us

We believe that all clients and staff have the right to a supportive and respectful environment which is free from discrimination of any kind. This means that your welfare is our primary concern, and as such, you can expect to be treated with respect, courtesy and dignity at all times. In the unlikely event any form of discrimination or disrespect occurs, you can expect us to deal with this promptly and seriously.  This can mean getting all the relevant information, speaking to the person(s) involved, getting outside advice as appropriate, and amending and updating our policies and practices. 

What we expect from you

We expect you to support our commitment to respect, equality and diversity when enquiring about or attending our services (or in the case of staff, when representing our organisation). We expect you to treat staff and peers with dignity, respect and courtesy. If you are not happy about something, please air problems or concerns to staff as soon as possible - we really appreciate any and all feedback.  In the unlikely event you experience any form of discrimination from another, we would ask you to make it clear, if possible,  that you find such behaviour unacceptable. Please alert a staff member who may ask/help you to complete a form, so that we as an organisation can deal with any issues seriously, promptly, and confidentially. 

Steps Towards Respect, Equality And Diversity

The I Can Centre™ will make every effort to promote respect, equality and diversity, and ensure that discrimination of any kind does not occur. Such steps include: 

  1. Making our statement on equality of opportunity easily accessible and visible 
  2. Being available to explain this statement to all staff, service users and visitors 
  3. Agreeing and promoting equality, diversity and respect at the start of all our training events and community courses 
  4. Ensuring that any and all complaints are dealt with seriously, promptly, and confidentially. 
  5. Setting a good example by treating all those we meet with fairness, dignity and respect 
  6. Being alert to unacceptable behaviour and taking appropriate action where necessary which can include removing an individual / individuals from a course or event
  7. Seeking to meet best practice standards for promoting equality of opportunity which includes us getting ongoing advice and training.
  8. Rotating some of our physical meetup groups between church halls of different traditions (only where appropriate and where we have permission for all-faiths-and-none to attend) to help encourage people into each other's space in a respectful and structured way.