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A Kinder Society

The I Can Centre is A Kinder Society initiative. We are a diverse group of very awesome people committed to  achieving a kinder and better society - in part by carrying out at least one  DAILY act of kindness at a time (DAKtivism). That daily act of  kindness begins with selfcare because we cant give what we dont have.   It then extends to our families, organisations and whole communities.  More DAKtivists are needed. Do join us and help make a difference?

Kindness  means being sensitive to suffering in ourselves and others. It includes a deep commitment to prevent / manage that suffering and nurture  well-being (Gilbert, 2015). It involves respect, care and compassion for  all. At least one daily act of kindness potentially can change lives and even whole communities. Lets test this out?

From little acorns, many mighty oaks grow.

The Need for Kindness and DAKtivism™

In todays fast-moving world, we face real challenges as a society e.g. 

  • the cost-of-living crisis means many families are struggling to find resources and supports, 
  • stress, anxiety, anger and depression are very prevalent and despite hard working talented NHS staff and others, often there are long waiting lists for treatment, 
  • loneliness is v prevalent, as are a range of physical health problems even some of which could be preventable with support and information, and 
  • many in NI are struggling with ongoing hurt, loss and anger following 30+ years of conflict; and people can spend much time and energy in the context of those issues. 

We need a different way - kindness.   Particularly given the common denominator of people i.e. how we relate to ourselves and each other.

A Kind Person

  • values people and is respectful of others’ views and beliefs 
  • is sensitive to the  feelings of others; he/she tries to help others which includes NOT inflicting hurt, harm or violence,
  • has qualities of compassion which includes being sensitive to the suffering the other is experiencing 
  • sees beyond the external conditions or labels, and instead focuses towards our common humanity and inherent worth, 
  • behaves with kindness, compassion and patience because ethically this is the right way to behave rather than seeking  any recognition or reward, nor even for any expectation in or of return,  and 
  • works collaboratively  with others so that the other person feels empowered and enabled rather than demeaned and disempowered. 

How might things change if we were kinder to ourselves? Each other?


An activist is a person who campaigns with others to bring about a particular cause.  As DAKtivists, our cause is  - daily acts of kindness. 

DAKtivists are people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures actively committed to one or more Daily Acts of Kindness. This can include:

  • daily acts of kindness and selfcare including healthy eating and exercise
  • daily smiles and "hellos" to neighbours and others in the community, 
  • bigger gestures of kindness and care including efforts to support  families and/or the wider environment, e.g. volunteering, or helping  with a community activity. 

In essence it starts with ourselves but can be as wide and as collaborative as our imaginations allow. Anyone who believes in kindness every day is a DAKtivist, but becoming a  formal one just helps build a peer community of support, e.g. to test  and share ideas; make new friends; find encouragement, and also  contribute to real change for individuals and whole communities.  

Do join us and help bring about better. 

Sign up to DAKtivism

"I commit to at least one daily act of kindness"

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