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Getting out walking

Walking is simple, free, and very safe! It is one of the easiest ways to get active, lose weight, become healthier physically and emotionally, and have fun while making new friends (NHS). Walking can help build stamina, burn calories and make hearts healthier. Even a 10-minute daily walk has many health benefits and can count towards the  150 minutes of weekly exercise, as recommended in the physical activity guidelines for adults. Our towns and countryside are incredibly beautiful - so don't miss out on these sights, scents and views - all while enjoying really great company! 

Walking Saves LIves

Our "Walking Saves Lives" project aims to  help motivate  people to get walking  given the  physical, social and emotional health benefits. Walking is so important for emotional and physical health that we are planning a series of short, fun, and social walks beginning in the Newry area (no cost).

Do join us if you can - all ages, backgrounds and cultures are most welcome, incl children and dogs (though dogs must be under control at all times)! It is essential to call/email us to register ahead so we can discuss your preferences and keep you up-to-date re all things practical on-the-day, especially as there may be late or on-the-day changes.

Note: We may also be able to connect you with other walking groups in the area or check locally organised walks yourself e,g, see the Ramblers website.

Centre Organised Walks

All Centre walks will be advertised on Facebook. For a safe and fun walk (30-60 mins) with peers, all walkers must: 

  • have shoes or boots that are comfortable, provide adequate support and are appropriate for the conditions (you will know in advance where the walk take place / call us), 
  • have (waterproof) jackets or coats appropriate for the conditions
  • register ahead and sign a health form in advance / on the day to confirm responsibility for their own health and safety on each walk. 

 Please note we are an informal peer group with no medical / trekking expertise, so do check in advance any health or other concerns with your GP, us, or others as appropriate.