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V happy man post therapy

Centre Testimonials

 CBT can help with a wide range of mood-related problems, but it can also be accessed for information, prevention and personal development.  See what some of our clients have had to say as below, but otherwise, do get in touch to chat further in confidence. 

" I used to worry so much.  I just hadn’t realised that there was a different way. I feel more confident now about moving forward.  I am in a far better place now and have a better understanding generally. When you understand something, that’s half the battle because you are then in a stronger position to do something about it, and you don’t just get tossed along. I am definitely more confident about moving forward. Thank you so much"


"I didn’t used to like myself and couldn’t understand why others would like me, incl friends. I was just getting dragged down, and I  know I wasted a lot of time being down when I could have been happy and out enjoying myself. With CBT I got to know myself better, and I learnt to notice and express how I felt. This learning will help me identify a problem earlier, and take a different action. I feel way more confident now about the

Martha (social anxiety)

"I had this problem for many decades, ... but therapy has helped me see a new way of thinking, and a new way of behaving – so that my energy is not wasted any more. ... I have many things now to look forward to each day, and could never have imagined this (social) world that has now opened up to me. I feel very very very thankful. Thank you Ann.

I would recommend this CBT to others, definitely. ... I found it great. I had learnt one way in life, and had to learn another in therapy. And it is definitely worth it. I am just doing things I didn’t before and life is good. ...  I now know what to do going forward but it is good to know that there are a follow up supports if needed. ... I definitely plan to go forward and actively use the techniques. Thanks Ann. Thanks very much. 

– Paula: depression, anxiety and worry (R409; 6 sessions)

"I have been re-educated about mood and am applying what I have learned to my life.  I am able to cope with stress much better and I find that I am happier in myself.   This course has changed my life.  I know that is a cheesy statement, but it sums up how I feel."

– Stress Busters Attendee

"Very inspiring. A very good presentation.  Im now aware of how our thoughts can condition us.  ..  and it is important to break the cycle."

– Stress Busters Attendee

M: Anxiety and worry (R469; 6 sessions)

I would definitely recommend this to others. From the start of therapy to now is a world apart. Im definitely happier now than at the start. Sometimes I was not patient with family, and my children – so they have definitely noticed the improvements. This therapy has really helped, just having time for yourself and encouraging yourself when things are not going well. That is something I have definitely learnt – just making sure you are your own best friend. Previously I was my own best critic and now I am my own best friend. Also, at the start having sessions weekly is good and this keeps you on the right road, but spacing things out towards the end gives you more time to make more progress. Yes, it has been really good. Im very very grateful.  

M: Low mood and anxiety (R459; 6 sessions)

Absolutely I would recommend CBT, it was a godsend. I was in a tough place at the start. I was having a hard time physically post covid; everything was low incl my energy and my mood. I was not sure what to think at the start, but over the sessions I started to implement the strategies, and they have definitely helped me. I am just nicer to myself – and I am nicer to everyone. When you are nicer to yourself you feel better. You did a real good job Ann. I would highly recommend you.  

F: Anxiety and worry (R456; 7 sessions)

Definitely I would recommend this to others. It was like your head was in a muddle, whereas now things are much clearer. At the start I was clearly in a black place, but now I can take more pleasure in things. I can see the light. You are happier in yourself; things are more colourful. Now there is definitely much more colour in life. I have started reading again. I used to be go go go, but now I am living in the present rather than flying on ahead. I have stopped catastrophising. .. I am now living more in the present because my brain is not running away with itself and overthinking. I am getting more quality back into life. I am using the techniques and they work; I feel more satisfied and fulfilled, and life is definitely good.  Thank you so so much.

F: Anxiety and worry (R448; 9 sessions)

I would definitely recommend this to others, definitely. When I came first, I felt I was going to end up on medication; it was
 not good. I felt like that’s where I was going to be. I knew though that there had to be a better way and that there was a reason why I was feeling as I was.  Now I know the reasons, and I know how to make myself feel better. Now I feel more like myself. I feel better. In fact I feel great. I feel like I have found a bit of myself that was lost, or hiding – in fear.  I definitely feel I have come a long way. Thanks for your perseverance with me (laughing). Thanks so much.

M: Worry, low mood and anxiety (R441; 8 sessions) 

I would definitely recommend this to others; it is brilliant. You begin to see things differently and that there is a different way of thinking, other than worrying. I would have been v self-critical in the past, and very hard on myself but now that’s changed. Now I feel completely different and am more confident. For instance, yesterday I was going into the shop and it was v busy; before therapy, I would have left instead of going down the aisles- yet I was OK to continue and get the shopping. I am going out more too ; and it is good to meet others I have not seen for a while. My sense of humour is coming back and I am getting fun and enjoyment back too. My partner is also noticing the results which is good. If anyone is not sure about this, Id tell them to go for it. The strategies are helpful and they do work.   

F: Social anxiety and panic (R431; 6 sessions)

My panic was v significant and was stopping me functioning. I used to be really shaky too. I should have gone to get help sooner; I just let it go on too long. I thought I would brave on, but you don’t need to. My advise to anyone else in this situation is not to leave it, as it will not get better. You can learn the techniques, and they do work. This (therapy) has
really helped. The future is opening up so that I have choices now and can make decisions about what I want to do rather than being at the mercy of panic. ... I would have avoided things in the past too in the hope that the panic would not happen. But in CBT you learn better strategies and you understand why the panic happens, and more importantly, that avoidance doesn’t help. Now, I will continue to put myself into situations that might be stressful in order to build more experience and confidence. And this is working. ...  I can now go into shops and have chats with others. Anxiety can be v disabling, but it doesn’t have to be. I would definitely recommend CBT. 

F: depression, anxiety and worry (R409; 6 sessions))

I would recommend this CBT to others, definitely. I did hate it at the start (laughing), but once things got underway I found it great. I had learnt one way in life, and had to learn another in therapy. And it is definitely worth it. I am just doing things I didn’t before and life is good. I have joined a Zumba class and a book club; both are great. . I am also being more assertive at home such that the family are helping more in the house which has also helped me.  I now know what to do going forward but it is good to know that there are a follow up supports here if needed. I don’t think I will need these – I definitely plan to go forward and actively use the techniques. Thanks Ann. Thanks very much. 

F: depression, social anxiety and worry (R401; 6 sessions)

Definitely, definitely CBT has helped, and I would recommend it to others. To be honest I don’t know where I would be if this had not happened. Before, I would not have left the house but now my confidence is just so much higher and better, and I am talking to others in a way I never thought possible. For instance, I wacked a box on my head last night, and before therapy I would have put make-up on to cover this up if I had to go out, but now I don’t need to. Life just feels really great. In fact, it now feels so great that I plan to get a tattoo to remind me to keep moving forward. I just feel way better (smiling). Thank you so much.   

F: anger, anxiety and confidence (R399; 6 sessions)

I would definitely recommend this to others – it has been life changing. I have found the real me – no masks which can be tiring (smiling). This new me feels awesome, and that feeling is priceless. I can be myself and be the best mum to my kids. I feel I have improved a lot in terms of my health and more generally. I am now a lot more calm and confident in myself; things I would have found myself freaking out before, I can now bring myself back – and easily. I am eating healthier, and getting more routine in life to include starting back in gym. I am now volunteering with X ;  I love this work and it too is changing lives for the better. Thank you so much.    

M: low mood, anxiety and worry (R391,6 sessions)

There has been a huge difference from the start till now. At the start I could not sit without bursting out crying; life was a mess and I was overwhelmed. I was feeling hopeless and I had thought that things would never get sorted, but a lot of this is down to the power of the thoughts and these are not a mess any more. And life is now great. I was out walking at the weekend, and Donegal the previous weekend, and activity-wise I am looking forward to getting back into things incl kayaking. … Now the clouds have lifted; I see things an awful lot more clearly, and I can see past the downs in life. It is easy to sit feeling sorry for yourself, and open a bottle of whatever, but now I have a life to live and things to do. I would recommend this CBT 100%.    

F: anxiety, worry, restrictive eating (R380, 6 sessions)

Diet is a lot better and I am eating new food. Even to take a bite of something was a big deal, I just would have said “no”; but now I try it and just go from there. I am visiting friends and going out more as well. I think everyone should get to do this – Im now a huge fan of CBT; Im so glad (mood has improved) as I didn’t want to go on tablets; I don’t believe in these. I do believe in CBT – I cant remember being this relaxed; and I have too much to be doing to waste my time being stressed. A new job and new activities keep me busy, incl a concert in X this weekend. I cant wait. Before CBT I would have just said “no” - because there would be too many people or because I would worry about the money, whereas now I just go knowing things will be OK.  Everyone should definitely get to do CBT.  

F:low mood, panic, and stress (R374; 6 sessions)

Im definitely very happy to have done CBT. It has really worked. I was not in a good place at the start with low mood, panic and stress. But from the start to now it is like zero-to-hero! Im just in a whole different place now in terms of mood. The strategies come in and you just use them. I now have my life back. I definitely have the fun back in life (laughing); Im just back from holiday, and I am getting out and about and doing things. Im very happy – the strategies are fantastic and they really work. Thanks so much 

F: social anxiety (R367, 8 sessions)

CBT has been brilliant;  it has helped me so much to understand my way of thinking, and how that thinking impacts on day-to-day life. … The future is exciting. I feel happier that I know now what to do to bring my stressometer down. And I am succeeding. I am going now into shops on my own. My confidence is also way higher than it was - so much so that I am not putting things off, and instead, am doing things that I would not have done before. The difference between when I first came here and now is huge; Im 100% grateful – thanks so much.     

F: anxiety, stress and low confidence (R366, 6 sessions)

CBT has been just sooo beneficial - to have tools and strategies to cope, as opposed to just talking about how I feel. I did have a big crisis when I got referred; I think to be honest, I had been going to the GP so often that The Mental Health Dept would have been the next port of call, but they are now definitely off the radar. That is not a route I would want  I just felt I didn’t know where to go next, or what to do but that has now all changed.  The tools I now have really work, and I am now the one with the expertise to create the life I want. I have definitely come around to a different way of thinking - a more “up” way of thinking,
and I would absolutely recommend this. Ann – you are awesome! 

 M: depression, anxiety and confidence (R360, 6 sessions)

I had never been to anything like this before.  I had never spoken to anyone about things but I was struggling to cope. … Therapy was great and Im glad I came.  It is the simple things that are the most help. These have a big effect. At the start … my head was full of the wrong stuff; and now, I am replacing it with the good stuff, e.g. things that make me feel happy and feel good.  I have been to the gym now a few times, and it is going well; Im enjoying it. And Im doing more walking.  When your thoughts change, you see things differently, you are more open-minded and life is different. Life is better, and you can be a better person.   If I'm truthful, everybody should have this. 

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