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V happy man post therapy

Centre Testimonials

 CBT can help with a wide range of mood-related problems, but it can also be accessed for information, prevention and personal development.  See what some of our clients have had to say as below, but otherwise, do get in touch to chat further in confidence. 

" I used to worry so much.  I just hadn’t realised that there was a different way. I feel more confident now about moving forward.  I am in a far better place now and have a better understanding generally. When you understand something, that’s half the battle because you are then in a stronger position to do something about it, and you don’t just get tossed along. I am definitely more confident about moving forward. Thank you so much"


"I didn’t used to like myself and couldn’t understand why others would like me, incl friends. I was just getting dragged down, and I  know I wasted a lot of time being down when I could have been happy and out enjoying myself. With CBT I got to know myself better, and I learnt to notice and express how I felt. This learning will help me identify a problem earlier, and take a different action. I feel way more confident now about the

Martha (social anxiety)

"I had this problem for many decades, ... but therapy has helped me see a new way of thinking, and a new way of behaving – so that my energy is not wasted any more. ... I have many things now to look forward to each day, and could never have imagined this (social) world that has now opened up to me. I feel very very very thankful. Thank you Ann.

I would recommend this CBT to others, definitely. ... I found it great. I had learnt one way in life, and had to learn another in therapy. And it is definitely worth it. I am just doing things I didn’t before and life is good. ...  I now know what to do going forward but it is good to know that there are a follow up supports if needed. ... I definitely plan to go forward and actively use the techniques. Thanks Ann. Thanks very much. 

– Paula: depression, anxiety and worry (R409; 6 sessions)

"I have been re-educated about mood and am applying what I have learned to my life.  I am able to cope with stress much better and I find that I am happier in myself.   This course has changed my life.  I know that is a cheesy statement, but it sums up how I feel."

– Stress Busters Attendee

"Very inspiring. A very good presentation.  Im now aware of how our thoughts can condition us.  ..  and it is important to break the cycle."

– Stress Busters Attendee