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Accessing CBT

**All 1-1 CBT now available by Tel / video**

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or CBT, is an advanced type of psychological therapy that can be very effective in the treatment of depression and all types of anxiety problems incl social anxiety, health anxiety, phobias, stress, and generalised worrying. 

  • CBT focuses on the way in which our thinking (cognitions), emotions and behaviour are interconnected. 
  • It is very much a collaborative type of therapy, where the clinician and the client work together to break particular problems into smaller components in order to understand how and why particular mood states are occurring.  ​
  • Ways to intervene to break maladaptive patterns are then reviewed and often rehearsed in real world settings. 

Adults can access CBT with us either on a 1-1 basis incl via video, OR via our 5-week adult "Stress Busters" community CBT course (check calendar for course dates). Those that do the adult "Stress Busters" course will need fewer 1-1 sessions, i.e. it is possible to gain general CBT insights at the community course, and then use the 1-1 sessions for techniques specific to each individual/situation. By the same token, many of our clients prefer to have 1-1 CBT from the beginning.  


1-1 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT): FAQ

Below are some common questions people can have about CBT. We hope these answers are helpful, but please do not hesitate to email us about anything else on your mind.

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