Terms and Conditions


Ongoing Review

The content of pages on this website, incl our Terms & Conditions, is for your general information and is subject to change /  update. Please keep checking back to our website for the most up-to-date information and/or email us re any queries. 

 We recommend that you read these Terms and Conditions alongside any other notices or information sheets we may provide on specific occasions, e.g. when taking part in CBT sessions, or in research studies. This is because they supplement rather than override any other policies, notices or information sheets.  


"The I Can Centre" will use all reasonable efforts to deliver advertised programmes, services and supports in accordance with the descriptions set out on this website and on flyers. However, we reserve the right, if we consider it to be necessary, to alter the timing, location, content and/or method of delivery of all community events and classes. 

  • Any alterations or changes to courses will be only be carried out where necessary, and with due consideration for the consequences of such alterations. (An example may be the postponement of a class or course to allow time for further advertising where there is not enough uptake.)
  • To minimise/eliminate travel  inconvenience, all potential attendees are strongly encouraged to register ahead-of-time for events and classes so that any updates or changes can be forwarded directly and as early as possible. 
  • Where changes in venue, timing etc occur, rescheduling will be undertaken asap. 
  • In the event of over-subscription; those who are registered ahead for the full course will get the priority places; those who have registered for the first night only will then get places, and those who have arrived ad hoc will secure remaining places.  


If problems are occuring for clients, or circumstances change, we need to be kept updated. Nevertheless:

  •  "The I Can Centre"  will NOT be held liable for any loss, damage, inconvenience or expense resulting from any delay, variation or failure in its provision of services or supports, incl those arising from circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including (but not limited to):  civil strife; terrorist activity; industrial dispute; natural or nuclear disaster;  adverse weather conditions; interruption in power supplies or other services for any reason; fire; boycott and/or telecommunications failure(s). 
  • We are also not liable for any loss, damage, inconvenience or expense resulting from factors within each client's own area of responsibility including (but not limited to):  childcare or household challenges;  illness and/or transport problems. 


Community Courses / Classes 

Equity and fairness are guiding principles for decisions we make.  Where a community course or class has not begun due to factors within our control, or due to extreme weather or situational conditions (e.g. epidemic), "The I Can Centre" will offer registered attendees opportunities for a full refund or postponement. Where an attendee wishes to withdraw from a course or community class:

  • a week's notice needs to be given for a full refund (we do not charge an admin fee) 
  • where there is less that one weeks notice, refunds are not given. However, rather than lose that course the attendee can postpone it (to be used within one year), or have the name changed so that another can take that place 
  • where the course has already started, a name change can be accommodated up to Week 2 of the course; beyond Week 2, no refunds and no name changes are given
  • if potential attendees are not sure whether a course if for them, they can attend the first night only as a taster and decide from there about the remaining course. 

 In the unlikely event an individual / individuals disrupt a class, or disrespect another, we reserve the right to ask that individual (s) to leave, potentially sans refund due to their own behaviour and the inconvenience to others; in such instances a warning will be given first.

1-1 CBT Sessions 

For 1-1 CBT sessions, we operate a 24-hour cancellation policy otherwise full fees apply. 

  • However, we are sympathetic to changes that can occur, especially for those with children.  To mitigate potential losses, clients should let us know as soon as possible re any problems in making their appointments, in order potentially for us to offer that slot to another person. Where we can offer a slot to another, no loss of “session” will occur. 
  • In the unlikely event a session does not run due to factors within our area of responsibility (e.g. therapist illness), clients will be informed asap and the appointment rescheduled so that no loss of session occurs. To mitigate any inconvenience, we can offer an extra 15 mins free therapy for up to three days notice, and 30 extra minutes of therapy with two or fewer days notice of a change. 

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