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Lifelong learning

We are passionate about lifelong learning, and do not believe that adults should have to wait until they are in crisis before gaining techniques and tools to understand and manage how they feel. As such, and as a low cost alternative to 1-1 CBT, we offer a range of fun, informal community courses that can be taken for information and prevention, if not support. By gaining these insights early, we believe that a lot of angst and distress can be avoided, and people can soon add/regain quality in their lives and relationships. 


Stress Busters

Our community courses such as "Stress Busters" are fun and informal; they are suitable for the general public of all ages, backgrounds, cultures etc.  All courses can be taken for information and prevention if not support. 

However, anyone is crisis may be better suited to 1-1 CBT support;  if unsure, talk to us in confidence,