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Want to feel more confident? Happy?

​Less down, stressed or worried?​   

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Who We Are

CBT cognitive behaviour therapy with Dr Ann O'Hanlon

Our Centre

The I Can Centre™ is a psychology and counselling centre that empowers. In community venues  particularly along the Dublin - Belfast corridor, we offer 1-1 therapy, and a range of fun and informal community courses for the general public.  ​

Dare to believe and let 'better' begin today!

Our Goal

Our goal is a kinder society where teens and adults of all ages and backgrounds CAN: 

  • understand / manage low mood, stress, and all types of anxiety, & 
  • develop potential towards the best and finest version of ourselves.


So, let us show you how to drop "I cant.."  and instead, become someone who says:  

  • "I CAN manage stress / anxiety / anger / low mood", or 
  • "I CAN stop worrying / smoking / shopping / procrastinating', or 
  • "I CAN be happy / confident / myself". 

Our activities

The General Public

CBT; cognitive behaviour therapy with Dr Ann O'Hanlon;  counselling in Newry Belfast and Dublin

We offer 1-1 CBT interventions (cognitive behaviour therapy)  and informal community courses available to adults of all ages and cultures. 


We provide confidential, top quality support and training for businesses and organisations. These include stress management training, coaching, and R&D.


As highly trained researchers, we contribute to diverse research projects incl literature reviews, service evaluations, focus groups and interviews. 


We support a network for mental health clinicians and professionals incl CBTers, counsellors, psychologists, GPs, and others. Supervision and CPD also available.

Follow-up supports

We offer our clients a range of meetup opportunities for fun, enjoyment and ongoing peer support. These incl Stress Cafe™ and DAKtivist™ meetups. 

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