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Want to feel more confident? Happy? Less down, stressed or worried?​  We can help! Talk to us today in confidence.

Who We Are

Our Centre

The I Can Centre™ is a psychology and counselling centre that empowers:    

  • by helping people understand and manage a range of mood states, incl low mood, stress, and all types of anxiety, 
  • by developing potential towards the best and finest version of ourselves, and
  • by innovating with evidence-based solutions to health, well-being and/or community challenges {more}


Talk to us in confidence about our range of supports and become someone who says: 

  • "I CAN manage stress / anxiety / anger / low mood", or 
  • "I CAN stop worrying / smoking / shopping / procrastinating', or 
  • "I CAN be happy / confident / myself". 


Dare to believe at The I CAN Centre™ and let "better" begin today. 

A Kinder Society

 The I Can Centre™ is a cross-community, social-development initiative contributing to a kinder society, i.e. a society that is respectful, caring and supportive of all citizens. In a kind society, people do not suffer with depression, stress, anxiety, worry etc. Instead, supports are available & accessible - even for information, prevention and personal development, if not support. So, talk to us in confidence, or attend any of our events, and help create a kinder and better society?

Our Projects: General Public

Emotional Health

We offer a range of supports to help people manage depression and all types of anxiety incl panic, phobias, worry & OCD. 


We have a number of  exciting interventions for young people, incl 1-1 CBT, & our new "Teen Stress Busters" course. 


More people are reaching old age, and our challenge is to help bring quality of life, health & well-being to those extra years. 

Crisis Pregnancies

Crisis pregnacy supports

 Though we do not offer crisis pregnancy counselling, we do have a range of practical and emotional supports (planned and in process) that can support and empower women incl lone mums. 

Men's Health

People chatting in the pub setting

Men are encouraged to attend all our supports, even for information / prevention. Statistically, men are more likely than women to work longer, die younger & be unemployed, imprisoned or suicidal.

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