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Want to feel more confident? Happy? Less down, stressed or worried?​  We can help! Talk to us today in confidence.

Who we are

Our Centre

Counselling and CBT at "TheICanCentre" in Newry and Belfast

The I Can Centre™ is a cross-community psychology, counselling and kindness centre that empowers:    

  • by helping people understand and manage a range of mood states, incl low mood, stress, and all types of anxiety, 
  • by developing potential & resources towards the best and finest version of ourselves, and
  • by innovating with evidence-based solutions to health, well-being and/or community challenges {more}



 Are thoughts of "I can't" holding you back? Talk to us in confidence about our range of supports and become someone who says: 

  • "I CAN manage stress / anxiety / worry / anger / low mood / loss / regret / shame" etc, 
  • "I CAN  manage/stop rituals and compulsions incl: counting; shopping; cleaning; hair -or skin pulling; procrastination", or
  • "I CAN cope and be happy / confident / sociable / myself". 

Dare to believe at The I CAN Centre™ and let "better" begin today. 

A Kinder Society


  The I Can Centre™ is a social-development initiative contributing to a kinder society, i.e. a society that is respectful, caring and supportive of all citizens - regardless of age, gender, culture or economics. In a kind society, people do not suffer with depression, stress, anxiety, worry etc. Instead, supports are available & accessible - even for information, prevention and personal development, if not support. So, talk to us in confidence, or attend any of our events, and help create a kinder and better society? 

What we do

Emotional Health


We offer a range of supports to help people manage depression and all types of anxiety incl panic, phobias, worry & OCD. 

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We have a number of  exciting interventions for young people, incl 1-1 CBT, & our new "Teen Stress Busters" course. 

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More people are reaching old age, and our challenge is to help bring quality of life, health & well-being to those extra years. 

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Women's Health


 Though we do not offer crisis pregnancy counselling, we do have a range of practical and emotional supports (planned and in process) that can support and empower women at all ages / stages.

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Men's Health

Anxious man with hand on face

Men are encouraged to attend all our classes, even for information / prevention if not support. Statistically, men are more likely to work longer, die younger & be unemployed, imprisoned or suicidal.

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