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Follow-up Supports

Social Meet-ups

At the I Can Centre we offer our clients a range of optional follow-up opportunities and supports to meet / socialise with like-minded others. These events we hope are fun, and a valuable source of ongoing peer support. They are organised by members for members through "The I Can Club", and meetup groups are open to all those who attend our classes and courses, plus their guests. Some of these groups are just getting underway, but we hope you will give them your full support. 

"The I Can Club" is getting underway - a committee of elected class reps from each of our community classes. They help organise opportunities for members to meet with like-minded others for fun, enjoyment and ongoing peer support, incl Stress Café meetups. They can also be a source of support and a friendly-face on any virtual or physical meetups. To find out more, check out our community Stress Busters CBT course; or link with us on social media.

In-house Supports

Moodsters - those with an interest in mood/stress

While "youngsters" describes people who are young, "Moodsters"  describes those with an interest / some basic training in 'mood' i.e. those who have completed our Stress Busters course, or its 1-1  CBT equivalent. Moodsters avail of discounted prices at many of our Centre classes and events, including meditation classes. Moodsters also go out socially for fun,
enjoyment and can meet once a month for Stress Cafe - an informal catch-up and craic over tea/ coffee.  

NOTE: We hope shortly to have a "Young Moodsters" subgroup (for those aged around 18-34 years) and an "Over 60s Moodsters" group.

Medsters - those with an interest in meditation

"Medsters" is the name we came up with to describe those who have completed our six week mindfulness meditation course. Those graduating from our basic 6 week mindfulness meditation class  are invited (but not obliged) to join Medsters. Medsters has many benefits: 

  • discounted prices at further meditation classes. 
  • opportunities for social meetups with each other, incl fellow-Medsters who have completed the same course at other classes, or from other regions.  

At each class, members will be invited to nominate one or more class reps, who will help organise follow-up meetups. Reps and members will decide on the frequency and form of meetups.  

DAKtivists™ - those committing to Daily Acts of Kindness

Compassion and kindness underpins everything we do. For this reason, all our clients, friends and supporters, plus their families and friends, are encouraged to become DAKtivists™ - those who commit to performing at least one daily act of kindness for themselves, or others in their families, organisations, or communities.[More information here.]

Anyone who believes in kindness every day is a DAKtivist, but becoming a  formal one just helps build a peer community of support, e.g. to test  and share ideas; make new friends; find encouragement, and also  contribute to real change for individuals and whole communities. Come join us because lindness can change lives and whole communities.

Stress Cafe Meetups

Stress Cafe™ is open to all Moodsters (ie all those who have completed our "Stress Busters" course OR had 1-1 CBT with us). These meetups over tea/coffee offer a golden and fun opportunity to: 

  • share experiences and updates, or just help others by listening, 
  • troubleshoot queries or problems; 
  • continue learning by getting further updates on techniques; 
  • enjoy catching up with like-minded friends, and draw on their experiences / advise; and
  • keep building momentum and confidence towards "better" which includes greater self-awareness and well-being. The latter is especially important as it is easy to slip accidentally back into "old ways", even temporarily. 

External Supports

Physical and emotional health

External groups can also help in trouble-shooting queries, or in building momentum towards "better", incl those operating via local community centres and/or family hubs. Further sources of support are listed below, for information purposes only as we have no control over external sites. 

  • The Samaritans offer round-the-clock supports and listening  (Tel 116 123)
  • Lifeline a Northern Ireland crisis response helpline for people who are experiencing distress or despair (Tel 0808 808 8000)
  • OCD Ireland is an Irish organisation for people with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), trichotillomania (TTM) and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)
  • Dunlewey offers support, advice and counselling for anyone with addiction problems incl gambling, alcohol or drugs
  • Cuan Mhuire offers addiction treatment services and residential rehabilitation for drug, alcohol and gambling problems 
  • New Horizons (Action Mental Health)  supports those with emotional health probelms who wish to progress towards further  education, training or employment.
  • The multi-disciplinary Condition Management Programme (CMP) operates in each of the five trusts in NI, and aims to help those who are unemployed manage physical, practical or emotional health barriers preventing a return to work / training. 
  • Hospital A&E departments, GPs and  GP out-of-hours can all offer help for emotional or mental health emergencies, as well as physical health problems. 

Ageing and Older Adults

As part of AgeSPIRE we hope to bring quality of life and health to later years.  The following organisations have
similar aspirations. 

  • Men's Sheds offer community spaces for men to connect, converse and create.  
  •  U3A (University of the Third Age) is a movement of retired and semi-retired people who come together to continue their educational, social and creative interests 
  • Active Retirement Ireland
    is a national network of groups that stand up  for older people,
    empower them and support them to get the most from their retirement.  
  • Linking Generations NI aims to bring generations together in order to build communities for all ages 
  • Age Friendly Ireland aims to create an inclusive, equitable society in which older people can live full, active, valued and healthy lives 

Children & Parenting Supports / Advice

  •  NSPCC for advice on issues to do with children / young people incl sexting
  • Childline for telephone support and information accessed directly by children. Call free on 0800 1111
  • CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) for advice about online sexual abuse  / grooming 
  • Home Start for parenting advice, support and friendship, especially with younger children
  • Sure Start  provides support services to parents with children  aged under four years old, living in disadvantaged areas in NI (click here)
  • Parening NI offers free, confidential parenting support and advice on 0808 8010 722 
  • Get Safe Online is the UK’s leading source of factual and easy to understand information on online safety. 
  • Samaritans offers 24X7 listening support by phoning 116 123 in NI / RoI

Crisis Pregnancy Supports

  • LIFE NI is the leading pregnancy care charity in Northern Ireland set up in 1980 to provide care and support for those facing unexpected pregnancy, or needing help during pregnancy or after having a baby 
  • Gianna Care offers a range of free resources and supports throughout Ireland incl ultrasound, baby equipment and financial help. 
  • Stanton Healthcare Belfast offers a range of free and practical supports incl free pregnancy tests, counselling, ultrasound referrals, and practical supports incl baby supplies and financial support.
  • Both Lives Matter provides advocacy support and information towards the well-being of mothers and their infants. 
  • Refuge for women and children at risk from domestic violence (tel  0808 2000 247). 

Housing / Debt / Other Supports

  • NI Direct offers information and advice on a range of issues incl motoring, money (tax, pensions), employment, and/or travel