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The I Can Centre™ is a social-development initiative contributing to a kinder society, i.e. a society that is respectful, caring and supportive of all citizens - regardless of age, gender, religion, culture or economics. In a kinder society, people do not suffer with depression, stress, anxiety, worry etc. Instead, supports are available & accessible - even for information, prevention and personal development, if not support. So, talk to us in confidence, or attend any of our events, and help create a kinder and better society?  


DAKtivism - daily acts of kindness


With your help, our new movement DAKtivism™ is now underway - with a growing group of people agreeing to perform daily acts of kindness. Given the potential benefits, acts of kindness need to occur daily (acts of kindness done randomly are just not enough), and can begin with self-care, e.g. having a proper breakfast, or getting some exercise. In time, such acts of kindness may expand into wider acts of kindness with families, organisations and whole communities. While anyone can engage in acts of kindness, we encourage people to become a formal DAKtivists™ (email us) to help test and share ideas, and contribute to the evidence base for information and insights on this important topic of kindness.   


Potentially, there are many benefits to daily acts of kindness and compassion:

  • for  individuals, kindness and compassion may contribute towards improved health, happiness, well-being, life satisfaction, and improved relationships. 
  • within organisations, a culture of kindness and compassion may reduce stress and absenteeism, and enable staff to be happier, healthier, more  motivated and more productive (see corporate section), and   
  • within communities, we do not think negative states  such as anger, bitterness and hatred cannot survive when confronted with thoughts or acts of kindness and compassion.  


All clients and staff at The I Can Centre are encouraged to become DAKtivists™ which includes the offer of regular DAKtivist™ meetups.  We also encourage DAKtivists™ to contribute ideas and time as part of the research and evidence base on kindness and compassion. In fact, this help is core. Please contact us to find out more and/or sign up to our newsletter or our social media pages.