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Managing Stress

Managing stress is crucial both for individual and organisational health and well-being.  Where staff feel content, and part a team, absenteeism and sickness will be reduced, productivity and effectiveness will increase, and organisations will thrive. 


At "The I Can Centre", our highly educated and experienced team offer a range of top-quality, bespoke psychology supports in this area, incl


  • level 1 applied training on a range of topics incl stress-management, confidence building, listening, assertiveness and time management
  • level 2 personal development training towards optimal development, well-being and functioning: this training is particularly for staff who need advanced critical skills in mindfulness and emotional intelligence, and/or those in leadership roles who are required to be role models for others incl more junior staff, or members of the public.  ​​​


Want your staff to be the best? Then let us help. Talk to us in confidence!