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We are very grateful to Stress Busters attendees for their feedback (crucial for ongoing improvement), support and encouragement: 

Course 1902 

The trainer was just brilliant (24)

I loved it – lots of ideas and things that can be done practically.  A very useful course.  I will definitely take things away to use personally. (23)

A lovely woman giving a lovely message – I loved the positive attitude displayed and promoted by Ann! (21)

Very inspiring. A very good presentation.  Im now aware of how our thoughts can condition us.  ..  and it is important to break the cycle. (20)

Delivery was brilliant. Ann’s energy in itself is inspiring.  (19)

Very engaging trainer and (course) very worthwhile.  Very good analogies.  Very easy to relate to.  Useful handouts.  Very useful and informative. (16) 

Really enjoyable and informative.  Ann was a great speaker and really shared a lot of her expertise in a really friendly and manageable way.  Really useful and easy-to-remember techniques. 7/7.  (12)

Very good.  Ann is very easy to listen to. (11)

Really worth going and listening.  (09)

Very effective and knowledgeable trainer . Excellent course and well planned.  (07)

Brilliant. Ann – you are awesome! 10/10 (06)

Enjoyable as well as educational.  10/10.  (05)

Very informative – I was aware of coping strategies but still found this really useful. (04) 

A great experience.  (02) 

Ann is very encouraging. Her vast experience is most helpful. Thank you. (01)

Course 1810

- Really enjoyed the course and talking about worry because I am a serial worrier! 

- Really enjoyed the meditation, Ann you have the magic voice. Looking forward to next week. This course is a God send! 

- Loved the meditation.  And the craic! 

- Enjoyed every minute of the class. Thank you. 

- Very interesting to learn new ways of coping 

- This was hands down the best training course I have ever attended - and I have attended many over the years! 

Course 1809

- "Great that this information I available in the evening.  Ann – very enthusiastic, really interested in her subject and knows subject well."

- "So glad I came;  really interested in other classes too and learning more"

- "Liked all the information offered; everything was interesting. Great to have notes given in the course to read over."

- "Interesting topic and the group participation was good. Meditation at the end was excellent and good to take home."

- "Enjoyed the interaction and meeting others in the group. The thought examples were really useful."

- "I liked everything about the sessions – it was all v interesting and I look forward to future courses."

- "Really enjoyed Ann’s course - you couldn’t meet a nicer, warmer lady."

- "Really enjoying learning more about myself and to laugh life off!"

- "Love learning more about mood and about making time for myself"

- "Really liked the focus on real-life problems and how to cope.  This is all v relevant and useful."

- "Stress Busters helped me to stay calm on Monday when I was doing my driving test. I passed so it’s a big thank you from me, and especially my partner who has noticed an immense change in me."

- "Learned more about “me”. I know I need to focus on my life and not live my life for others.  

- "Very enjoyable."

- "I'm learning how to change behavioural habits and to stop being a ‘yes machine’. All was very relevant to me." 

- "My mood feels lifted after each session. I can feel very tired after work, but have a burst of energy after each stress busters session.  Thumbs up!"

- "I really liked that it was all so informal, and that no one is ever asked any direct questions."

- "I was worried when I saw so many people I knew at the class, but I was not put off and really enjoyed it all. And actually it was fine."
- "Actually doing the meditation and relaxing was great.  I had never done this before."

- "I just feel way more knowledgeable and confident now about how to manage mood – thank you!"

- "The sessions were really informative and I learned a lot about mood, and how to look internally rather than outside myself.  I learned that I can control my mood which is going to make my life a lot happier."

- "I LOVED the meditation!"

- "I have been re-educated about mood and am applying what I have learned to my life.  I am able to cope with stress much better and I find that I am happier in myself.   This course has changed my life.  I know that is a cheesy statement, but it sums up how I feel."