"Stress Busters" is an informal community course to help people understand and manage stress (an umbrella term for lots of feeling states). It aims to help people manage how they feel, rather than having those moods manage them!  The latter happens when people get swept along in anxiety, stress, low mood etc. 

Our Stress Busters workshop:

  • is an informal, psychology course suitable for delivery within organisations, or community settings for the general public
  • it is a CBT course based on principles from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which are known to be effective in treating stress and anxiety 
  • those attending gain new skills and insights about themselves, and the best ways to manage stress and feel great!  Why wait till you take a hit, or go to therapy, to gain this information? All of need to know how to cope and manage emotionally, so that we manage how we feel, rather than have our moods manage us, and 
  • the content of  Stress Busters is based on the very latest research evidence, but presented in an informal and relaxed way, and with supporting notes to aid recall and understanding. 
  • However, Stress Busters is not suitable for anyone depressed or in crisis. In such cases 1-1 therapy is needed (we also offer 1-1 CBT support).  

The problem

Everyone feels stressed at times,  and managing that stress can often be pure chance or luck because managing stress is not routinely taught in schools or elsewhere, and often people are not aware of what they can do to stay well and improve how they feel.  

Yet if stress stays, negative consequences can follow - time and energy get wasted, relationships become impaired, and many physical ailments or more significant emotional problems can follow.  Additionally, at such times people may not always be fulfilling their potential towards optimal contentment and functioning.   


This community course is for everyone who wishes to learn more about stress (tho those very depressed or at risk may be better suited to 1-1 CBT support). Stress is an umbrella term for many  challenges and feelings states incl ongoing family/work/life stressors, specific  stress, anxiety, low mood, worry and/or panic. Yet there is no assumption that anyone attending the course is stressed, as it is quite fine to attend for information and prevention, if not support. Attendees will be men and women of any and all ages, backgrounds, faiths and cultures. 

The course is independent and stands alone. However, attendees can also use Stress Busters II to access a range of follow-up supports. Indeed, Stress Busters II may also be a foundation for further learning or support, e.g. for OCD, social anxiety, or worry. 


  • attendees must be able to benefit from the course, and be open to learning. In the event of anyone being disrespectful to others, or disruptive, he/she will be asked to leave and no refund will be given, and
  • attendees must be able to respect this confidential and private space i.e. under no circumstances is recording of any kind allowed. (Any breach of this rule is treated very seriously and followed-up.)



Talks about stress can be fitted into to whatever time slot is available. Stress Busters II is usually undertaken over one day, or weekly over 5-6 sessions. Day courses happen anywhere in the UK, or on the island of Ireland - based on invitations from groups and organisations.  Weekly sessions typically are in two parts (of around 90 mins in total):

  • ​the first or main part of each session is the seminar delivered by an experienced course leader. During this seminar, there is no group work or sharing so that the privacy of attendees is protected. 
  • after a short break the last half hour or so is more interactive or practical, e.g. a gentle meditation, or having a question and answer session

Attendees can contribute as much or as little as they wish on courses, e.g. by posting written questions into a mailbox, or by listening rather than speaking in any discussions. This course is educational rather than counselling, so at no point will attendees ever be asked in front of others to answer a question directly, or to talk about how they are feeling. Instead, all information will be on slides and in handouts.  Additionally, at all times it is quite fine simply to say “Ill pass on that” or "no comment"  if you do not wish to speak with fellow-attendees. 


Follow-up Supports

Additional Information

We believe learning should be fun and ongoing throughout life, particularly when people live busy lives and we do forget things or priorities simply change.  For these reasons, and because we like to think of ourselves as "the personal development people", we aim to offer a range of no-obligation follow-up supports and at low / no cost: 

  • Moodsters: When people finish the 6-week "Stress Busters" course they are eligible to join "Moodsters". While "youngsters" are people who are young, we came up with the name "Moodsters" to describe people who have an interest and this "stress buster" training in mood. Given that Moodsters have been through the same training, they have a common language and shared set of ideas and insights which should make conversations easy.  Moodsters can avail of discounted prices at many of our "I Can Centre" classes and events, including meditation classes.  Moodsters can also go out socially for fun, enjoyment and further ongoing peer support.  
  • Meditation classes: meditation classes are really great follow-up opportunities to take time out to experience relaxation and calmness. These low cost classes also offer opportunities for continued learning, and peer social support with others.  Those graduating from our basic 6 week mindfulness meditation class can then meet up socially with similar others from around the region, and/or do further training in mindfulness to become advanced practitioners (more information on the advanced practitioner course will follow) 
  • DAKtivism is another I Can Centre concept that we hope will offer further peer opportunities for learning, fun, and support while also improving the well-being and lives of others.  DAKtivists - are  those who actively commit to performing at least one daily act of kindness for themselves, or others in their families, organisations, or communities.  More on this initiative will follow shortly.
  • Stress Busters: Moodsters can also retake the Stress Busters course at any later point. With busy lives, people can forget aspects of the psychology of stress, or, just want to rejoin a group for encouragement and support.  This is quite fine to do.  

Further learning

Those completing this "Stress Busters II" can take Stress Busters I (if they wish to learn techniques to self-care), OR go straight to others supports and courses incl "Stress Busters III" (available from Jan 2020).  People will always be able to attend our courses  even for information and prevention. And at no point will anyone be asked  to talk about their particular issues;  instead, slides and handouts will have all the information needed. 

Stress Busters also allows entry to other follow-up peer supports and community workshops (see "additional Information" section, and be sure you are on our mailing list). 


From evaluations and self-report we know that attendees tend to value  and enjoy our  community Stress Busters course very much:   

 - "Great that this information I available in the evening.  Ann – very enthusiastic, really interested in her subject and knows subject well."

- "Liked all the information offered; everything was interesting. Great to have notes given in the course to read over."

- "Enjoyed the interaction and meeting others in the group. The thought examples were really useful."

- "I liked everything about the sessions – it was all v interesting and I look forward to future courses."

- "Really enjoyed Ann’s course - you couldn’t meet a nicer, warmer lady."

- "Really enjoying learning more about myself and to laugh life off!"

- "I'm learning how to change behavioural habits and to stop being a ‘yes machine’. All was very relevant to me." 

- "My mood feels lifted after each session. I can feel very tired after work, but have a burst of energy after each stress busters session.  Thumbs up!"

- "I really liked that it was all so informal, and that no one is ever asked any direct questions."

- "I just feel way more knowledgeable and confident now about how to manage mood – thank you!"

- "I have been re-educated about mood and am applying what I have learned to my life.  I am able to cope with stress much better and I find that I am happier in myself.   This course has changed my life.  I know that is a cheesy statement, but it sums up how I feel."

More testimonials here - otherwise, feel free to get in touch with questions or queries, or to book your place. Also check out our calendar and reserve your place there either.