We work with colleagues on a wide range of projects, small and large. While many of our projects are confidential, others have write-ups that are publically available - see below. We also work with businesses and organisations to publish and disseminate research findings widely as per an agreed dissemination strategy. 

Sample books / book chapters / reports

  • Coleman, P.G. & O’Hanlon, A. (2017). Ageing and Development: Social and Emotional Perspectives. Psychology Textbook. Routledge. Second Edition (see right).
  • O'Hanlon et al (2016).  Age Friendliness in Newry, Mourne and Down.  The Age Friendly Project, Newry, Mourne and Down District Council.  
  • Sidera, A et al (2012). Ethical and social issues related to people with dementia. See deliverables in:
  • Coleman, P.G. & O'Hanlon, A. (2008) Ageing and adaptation. In Woods, Robert T. and Clare, Linda (Eds.) Handbook of the Clinical Psychology of Ageing: 2nd edition. Chichester, UK, Wiley. ​[Click here]
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  • O'Hanlon, A. (2002). Attitudes to ageing among community-based adults. Unpublished PhD thesis. Dept of Psychology, University of Southampton, England.

2nd Edition 2017 Textbook in Developmental Psychology by Prof Peter G Coleman and Dr Ann O'Hanlon
2nd Edition 2017 Textbook in Developmental Psychology by Prof Peter G Coleman and Dr Ann O'Hanlon

Sample Journal Papers

  • Crawford, V., O'Hanlon, A. & McGee, H. (2011). The effect of patient characteristics upon uptake of the influenza vaccination: a study comparing community-based older adults in two healthcare systems. Age and Ageing, 40: 35-41.[Paper]
  • Hickey, A., O’Hanlon, A & McGee, H. (2010). Quality of life in community-dwelling older people in Ireland.  The Irish Journal of Psychology, 31, 135-150.
  • Layte R, McGee H, O’Hanlon A. (2009). Do consultation charges deter general practitioner use among older people? A natural experiment. Social Science and Medicine, 68, (8), 2009, p1432 – 1438. [Paper]
  • Hickey A, O’Hanlon A, McGee H, et al. (2009). Stroke awareness in the general population: knowledge of stroke warning signs and risk factors in older Irish adults. BMC Geriatrics, 9: 35.[Paper]
  • McGee, H., O’Hanlon, A., et al., (2008). Vulnerable older people in the community: relationship between the Vulnerable Elders Scale (VES) and health service use. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 56 (1), 8-15. [Paper]
  • McGee HM, Molloy GJ, O’Hanlon, A, & Layte R (2008). Older people as both recipients and providers of informal care: analysis among community samples in the Republic and Northern Ireland. Health and Social Care in the Community,16, 548-553. [Paper]
  • Hickey A, O’Hanlon A, Shelley E, McGee H, Horgan F, O’Neill D, (2008). Community-based older adults knowledge of stroke warning signs and risk factors: a population-based study, J Nutrition Health Ageing, European Union Geriatric Medicine Society, Copenhagen, 3-6 Oct 2008, 12, (8), 2008, pp589[Paper]
  • Barker, M., O’Hanlon, A., McGee, HM., Hickey, A. & Conroy, RM. (2007). Cross-sectional validation of the Aging Perceptions Questionnaire: a multidimensional instrument for assessing self-perceptions of aging. BMC Geriatrics, 7:9.[Paper

Coleman, P.G. & O'Hanlon, A. (2008). Chapter on Ageing and Adaptation. 2nd Edition Textbook.
Coleman, P.G. & O'Hanlon, A. (2008). Chapter on Ageing and Adaptation. 2nd Edition Textbook.