Our Projects

Research & Development

We are excellent problem solvers with strong analytic skills;  we can often identify creative and evidenced based solutions to problems and challenges. As such,  we undertake applied research on a wide range of topics linked to health and well being at all ages and stages. This work can include: 

  • literature or desk-based research, e.g. to get background literature or demographic information 
  • data collection  using focus groups, surveys, and/or interviews, and
  • advanced primary or secondary data analyses on interview or survey data.

Health Innovation

Our centre offers a range of informal, community-based training courses that will support and promote better physical health and well-being, including supports to manage most types of cravings and compulsions.

We are also involved at the cutting edge of a range of interventions to address emotional health problems. These include innovative evidence-based solutions and training packages so that people can gain information  and techniques to manage different health challenges,  ideally before a significant hit or emergency occurs!  More information on our community courses can be seen here.

Collaboration and Training

We collaborate with industry, academic centres, and other organisations at local, national and international level to find the best solutions for health and well-being challenges. These solutions are then tested, investigated and developed further across diverse groups of individuals and organisations.  Such partners in these efforts include those from Health and Social Care Services, transport, and community and voluntary organisations. 

Our Projects

Emotional Health

We are evaluating a range of CBT interventions for depression, all types of anxiety, and also loneliness.


We are developing a number of new and exciting interventions for young people, incl our "Teen Stress Busters" course. 


More people are reaching old age, and our challenge is to help bring quality of life and health to those extra years. 

Crisis Pregnancies

Crisis pregnacy supports

Because we have significant concerns about abortion based on our review of the evidence, we are developing a number of people-based interventions we hope can empower those facing / coming through crisis pregnancies.

More projects shortly