corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Empowering Others

Individuals and organisations have a duty to act in the best interests of the environment and society as a whole. Social responsibility, as it applies to business, is known as corporate social responsibility (CSR), and this is a responsibility we take very seriously at The I Can Centre in relation to acts of both commission (e.g. donations of time, skills and supports to fellow-citizens while preserving and respecting dignity and personhood), and omission (e.g. our "go green" recycling initiatives to reduce waste and manage resources wisely). 

At The I Can Centre™ we are passionate about the health, well-being and empowerment of our fellow-citizens, incl young people and women at all ages and stages incl those facing crisis pregnancies.   We are committed: 

  • to ethical practices in all areas of our work, incl the creation of jobs and/or educational or empowerment opportunities,
  • to active problem solving to help meet local needs around mental health while also empowering others towards the finest version of themselves. 

CSR embraces a company’s obligations  to create a positive impact through its activities. It can involve an organisation going beyond its obligations to make real and long-lasting improvements in terms of its effect on the environment and impact on social welfare.

supporting communities


Interventions for Low Mood/Anxiety

We offer a range of community CBT supports to help women and men address challenges of low mood, stress and/or all types of anxiety e.g. worry, panic, and low confidence.  This support can include free 1-1 CBT with one of our trainees (only at certain times/locations), AND DAKtivistplaces on our community courses, e.g. we may be able to take an act-of-kindness pledge as part/full payment for a class. Furthermore, the more paying attendees we have, the more DAKtivist™  places we can offer. 


CBT for Young People

We offer a growing range of supports to help young people with low mood and all types of anxiety incl worry, panic, phobias and OCD.  For instance "Teen Stress Busters" is particularly suitable for school-going young people aged 14-18 years, and  DAKtivist™ places may be available to lone parents for their children.  1-1 CBT support however may be more suitable for young people with more complex needs. 


Recycle Club for Lone Parents

At all our classes we collect quality, children's items that attendees may no longer need, e.g. toys and clothing. These are then redistributed via community organisations to help lone parents.  Attendees at our classes should place donations in "The Kindness Chest" - visible at all classes, knowing that this help will make a huge difference to the lives and well-being of lone parents and their children, especially at holiday times.

Please note: it is our policy NOT to donate individual items to individual parents. Instead all items are logged, and then given directly to organisations who are better positioned to use these as part of a wider package of resources and supports. 

image45 is a new, social development initiative that we hope will provide jobs and flexible work opportunities for lone mums. By coming together to make the badges, mums might also find peer support and camaraderie, while making really great badges that are inspiring, fun and informative, i.e. great badges that are great in terms of content and also quality. We are very proud to support this prolife initiative, and to help sell these badges until the group is in a position to have their own website.  More about this initiative will follow shortly.


Feel Great Gifts and Crafts

 Having problems remembering those affirmations? Bring them into every day use, with our witty and humorous, feel-great psychology gift range. is another pro-all- abilities initiative that we hope will empower and help people feel really great, while also providing job opportunities, particularly for single mums and adults with disabilities.